Who We Are

Tapestry Community Church

Tapestry Community Church began when four families came together and recognized the need for a solidly biblical church in the Temple/Belton area, a church that stood in the historic Baptist tradition and in the stream of the Reformed faith.  We wanted a church that unashamedly held to the total inerrancy of Scripture and the complete sovereignty of God over all things, a church that is Christ-centered, God-exalting, and seeks to dig deep into God’s word in order to know Him fully and rightly.  We wanted a church who believed and lived out the belief that there is nothing more intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually satisfying than to know Christ in all his fullness.  We wanted a church who lived for the glory of Christ that the world might see in us the hope for a satisfied life.  The result was Tapestry Community Church.

The name, Tapestry Community Church, has its origins in three ideas.  First, we chose the word tapestry because we believe the Church, like a tapestry, is a beautiful work of art put together by God with much patience, skill, and planning.  While the backside of a tapestry appears to have no discernible pattern and, to the untrained eye, seems to be quite a disaster, the front side of a tapestry is a magnificent masterpiece that brings much honor to its creator.  So also the Church, from a human point of view, seems to be nothing more than the bringing together of broken, battered, and sinful people, but to the eye of God is a masterpiece that brings much glory to her Creator. 

We are a community church in that we welcome all in our community to visit and worship with us.  We encourage and welcome people of every ethnic, cultural, economic, and social background to join in our fellowship.  We also took the word community into our name as we desire to reach into the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We desire to be the hands and feet of Christ as we endeavor to minister to the community in which God has placed us.
We are a church and do not wish to hide that fact.  We are not just a religious organization.  We are not just a Christian fellowship.  We are not just a place of spiritual worship.  We are a church in every biblical sense of the word.  At a time when church is becoming increasingly less popular, we believe Christ instituted and established the Church with his own blood.  Such a costly price compels us to wear the name with great joy.
Please browse through our website and hover over the tabs at the top for more information.  We look forward to meeting you and worshipping with you this Sunday.

Soli Deo Gloria!