Pray for Unreached People Groups

Help us reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ

photo collage of unreached people groups

Did you know that according to the Joshua Project, more than 40% of the 17,000+ people groups in our world are considered unreached? This is over 3 Billion people! An unreached people group is one with so few local Christians that they cannot evangelize their people without outside help.

Each month, we are praying for a different people group. Please join and partner with us in our vision to "reach the world with the gospel."

Current People Group:

Pingdi in China

Past People Groups:

Brunei Malay in Brunei

Yiddish-Speaking Jews in United States


Huichol in Mexico

Acehnese in Indonesia

Afar in Djibouti

Czech in Czechia

Turkmen in Turkmenistan

Ramdasia Sikhs in India

Saramaccan in Suriname

North Korean

Northern Kurd in Syria

Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan

Thai in Thailand


Persian in Iran


Japanese in Japan

Awan in Pakistan

Uyghur in China

Hausa in Nigeria

Portuguese-Speaking Jews in Brazil


Sonar in India

Arabic speaking Moroccans

Hani of Vietnam