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Feb 17, 2019 | Hexon J. Maldonado

Know Thyself

We live in a culture that is in the midst of the worst identity crisis in the history of the world. Men want to be women. Women want to be men. Up is down. Left is right, and both unbelievers and many believers have been so infected by our post-modern culture they are like fish who don’t even know they are wet. The emperor has no clothes on and very few people realize it. Today many people have no idea who they are. This should not be true of the believer, and in this text, Peter wants to make sure that believers know who they are, that there is no question about their self-identity.

Series Information

For the spring semester all four life groups studied the same material and prayed that God's Spirit would both teach us how to be a gospel driven church, and use us to  evangelize the lost to build His Kingdom for His glory.

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