Our Vison For Children's Ministry

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Our Vison For Children's Ministry

    07.24.18 | Discipleship Children/Families Sunday School Nursery by Cindy Benson


    The vision of Tapestry Community Church (TCC) is to live for the glory of Christ that the world may see our joyous hope as we love God, love people, and reach the world with the gospel.  As a result, the goal for the TCC children’s ministry is to strive to offer a God glorifying, Bible saturated nursery for children up to 48 months old and Sunday School classes from PreK through Grade 12. Our desire is that the children’s ministry will be a launching pad for nurturing the faith of the next generation.


    Our nursery is a place for children to learn simple truth statements as they form language skills, as well as a place where they hear foundational Bible stories. Our desire is to minister to the youngest in our church and to partner with parents as they train up their children in the Lord. During the designated lesson time, the teacher will pray with and for each individual child. The Nursery ministry is using the Children Desiring God curriculum called A Sure Foundation.


    God-centered worship is extremely important in the life of Tapestry Community Church. We approach the Sunday morning worship time with great seriousness and earnestness and expectancy. One of the ways we reflect this truth to our children is by welcoming them into the most central, most regular, most valuable, and most corporate activity of the church. When we encourage families to worship together, we communicate to the children that they are a part of the congregation and, as such, should be included when the church gathers to worship.

    The presence of children also serves as a reminder to the church of its responsibility to nurture the faith of the next generation. We believe that children should be active participants in our worship service from the opening prayer to the benediction. Beginning at 4 we heartily encourage parents to bring them into the service. We know that this effort comes with challenges and difficulties for the children, their parents, and those sitting around them. However, we are eager for children and their parents to feel and experience our warmest welcome into the service, and we are eager for everyone to be able to engage in the worship service with minimal distractions. A child does not instantly understand how to behave in a corporate worship service. It requires training and discipline. A good resource to help train your children is found here: Strategies for Engaging Children in the Worship Service.

    We also provide a children’s bulletin to help your child listen to the sermon. For a better understanding of our philosophy of children's ministry, please listen to the following three-part sermon series on "Children and the Covenant Community":


    All Curriculum is from Children Desiring God.

    Grades PreK-1

    He Has Spoken By His Son - The New Testament beautifully unfolds the wonder and power of Jesus Christ. This curriculum explores the greatness of God in Christ by noting key themes found chronologically throughout the New Testament. Bible stories are not written out; teachers prepare the lesson through the study of scripture using a list of key themes, opening illustrations, and application questions to acquaint children with a great God who has spoken by His Son.

    Grades 2-4

    Faithful to All His Promises - Faithful to All His Promises is a study for children on the promises of God. Children will not simply learn about some of God's promises, but rather, they will discover what it means to trust in those promises which are God's gift to us, not something we deserve. Faithful to All His Promises begins by teaching children what a promise is, what makes God trustworthy with these promises, and who these promises are for. Then children get to explore some specific promises from God to see how He has been and will be faithful to each of those promises. Grades 5-7: Abiding In Jesus The goal of My Purpose Will Stand is to so reveal God and His glorious work of providence that through the Holy Spirit’s work in the teaching of His Word, students would respond to God in faith as they look for God’s providence in all things—meditating on His works, seeing the big picture of God’s work in the world, and seeing the hand and heart of Jesus in all circumstances of their lives.

    Grades 8-12

    My Purpose Will Stand - This study encourages students to surrender to Jesus in salvation and submit their minds, hearts, and wills to His way in obedience. The first several lessons of the curriculum focus on the need for salvation, and on God’s work in making idolaters into worshipers of Himself. Then, students examine the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), focusing on the inward heart attitude of a person who is submitted to Christ and His ways. The lessons explore the human tendency to worship the creation rather than the Creator, and to pursue the temporal benefits of the world over the eternal value of knowing Christ.